Taking offense without giving in to anger

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“Love can certainly hurt, but should never push us into destructive anger. Love seeks understanding, the salve to anger.”

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Goodbye old friend

The trouble with long-term relationships is the struggle to see someone for who they are and not the person they used to be all those years ago.

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03 The Flower Garden

02 A Boy & Girl

01 The Mirror

Cake for Cats

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If you only know one thing about sexual assault – know this! (video)

Take Back the Night 2022

I attended my first Take Back the Night rally held at a local college campus this evening. The weather outside is cold and wet, but attendees were warm and dry inside the student union building.

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The difference between a rapist and a victim

There are many differences between “victims” and their rapists.

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If you only know one thing about sexual assault – know this!

At one point or another, most of us will be affected by sexual assault in some way. Some will become momentary “victims” who move into becoming a “survivor” with the grace of time, love, and support. Others will have a friend, family member, or romantic partner who has been victimized – these people are known as “secondary survivors.” Many sexual assault crisis centers across the United States provide free counseling and advocacy services to primary survivors and some also provide services to these secondary survivors who have their own unique issues and needs separate from that of the primary survivor.

While this is all valuable information to support survivors and their loved ones in the weeks and months after an assault, there is one critical step that can save lives if taken within days after an attack – a rape examination.

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