Four Moorhead mayoral candidates tout their strengths at public forum

Mark Hintermeyer

Mark Hintermeyer

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the article published October 9th titled “4 Moorhead mayoral candidates tout their strengths at public forum.”

Even though I am not a Moorhead resident and cannot vote in the upcoming mayoral election, as a professional communicator and occasional customer service support specialist I am offended by the remarks of councilman Mark Hintermeyer during the public form featuring the Moorhead mayoral candidates.Through his choice in verbage by referring to customer service employees as “lower-level” staff, it is obvious he is a military leader with a top-down perspective.

Any good leader knows that your customer service staff are the face of your business. They have the most contact with the clients you serve and are responsible for creating the customers’ impression of your organization. As the first point of contact, customer service staff are at the top!

I am fortunate enough to work for a company where customer service is valued and compensated according to that value. I hope “third-generation business owner” Del Rae Williams has the sense to treat her customer service staff accordingly as well. And I hope the people of Moorhead elect a mayor who value good customer service and not a top-down style of leadership.

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