In Memoriam – Jennifer Tucker

Jenny was a woman of strength.


Like the earth sign she was born and died under, she was solid and immovable.


This caused some difficulty in her life, but it was also a trait her friends and family came to count on in difficult times.


Jen taught me much about the meaning of life and of love.


I met Jenny during one of the most difficult chapters of my life and she helped me find my courage and the will to move forward.


With love and hope in her heart, she married her partner beginning a new covenant even as she knew her life was nearing its end.


She made the difficult and selfless decision to give the gift of new opportunities to her children, even if that meant taking another step toward letting them go.


In her final days, Jenny shared stories about her life and the things she still wished she could do.


But even with things left undone, adventures untaken, Jenny hardly fell short of living a full life.


Jenny showed me what it means to face both life, and death, with grace.


I will love you forever, Jenny Lynn.

Thank you for sharing the gift of your life.

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