Untitled – Section One

Chapter One

The Announcement

Once upon a time, there lived two young boys who were just on the cusp of becoming young men. Each of the boys had a guardian to watch over them. One guardian was named Ana and she (being the smaller of the two) looked after the younger brother, Derek. The other guardian was named Precious and she looked after the boy named Taylor.

Now lest you think anything extraordinary about these boys, let me assure you – these boys are like any other boys you might know. And the guardians, while fierce and diligent in their duties, were embodied in the form of two house cats.

The place this crew kept as a home looks like any other flat you might find in your own neighborhood. However, there is one thing that made it distinctly different than many other homes. This house is filled with love – and love is the most powerful kind of magic.

There was so much love in this home it seeped out of the window sills and under doorways. Some of it even leaked onto the neighbor’s lawn. The source of all this love stemmed from the boys’ mother – Jennifer. Her tender heart provided the fertile soil needed for love to take root. Her husband James worked hard to provide for and protect their family. And the two boys grew up never wanting for anything.

Until one day, Jennifer and James called a family meeting as they had done many times before – usually when one or both of the brothers had been especially good or exceptionally bad. But today’s family meeting was called for an entirely different reason.

“We have a surprise announcement for you today,” Jennifer stated with a smile.

“I think it’s going to be something we will all enjoy,” said James.

“What is it?” asked Taylor

“Are we going to Disney World?” exclaimed Derek.

“No, no,” said Jennifer “Nothing like that.

“We think it’s even better than Disney World,” said James.

“Well, what is it?” asked Taylor skeptically.

With a smile, Jennifer and James looked at each other. Then turning to face the boys, together they said “We’re moving!”

“What?!?” shouted Taylor.

“No!” lamented Derek.

“We can’t move,” Taylor exhorted. “A new school year is about to start and I need to see all my friends.”

“Yeah,” Derek nodded in agreement. “I’ve been looking forward to seeing Noah all summer. If we move, I’ll never see him again!”

As Derek’s eyes filled with tears, Taylor’s face flushed with anger.

“Why are you doing this to us?” yelled Taylor.

As Ana comforted Derek, Precious attempted to do the same for Taylor – but he just pushed her away.

“We know a new school year is coming,” said James. “And that is why we are moving now – so you both can start school in our new town.”

“It’s great there,” asserted Jennifer.

“They have a hockey league for each of your age groups, great schools with top-rated teachers, and homes with yards big enough for football fields,” added James.

“And our new house,” Jennifer continued “It has separate rooms for each of you with your own bathrooms, a gourmet kitchen, and a dining room big enough to seat all of our friends.”

“But we don’t have any friends there,” said Taylor doubtfully.

“So we will make new ones,” said James reassuringly.

“Never!” exclaimed Derek. “I will never forget or replace my friends.”

Jennifer tried to explain to him that making new friends does not mean forgetting old friends. But he had his face buried in Ana’s soft orange fur and focused on feeling her gentle purring for comfort as Taylor stormed off to his room, slamming the door behind him.

Taylor knew it was against the rules to slam doors in the house, but he was so mad he couldn’t help himself.

“I don’t care what they do to me now,” he thought. “They’re already taking me away from everyone I know.”

As he slung himself up onto the top bunk, he thought he just might stay there under the covers and refuse to budge.

“If they want me to move, they’re going to have to load me up in this bed,” he thought.

All of the strong feelings he felt pushing through his body were wearing him out and it wasn’t long before he was fast asleep.



Chapter Two

Moving Day

Despite days filled with objections, all of their belongings made their way into cardboard boxes. And no matter how many times young Derek tried to glue back the calendar pages, moving day continued its approach until the day finally arrived.

As the movers loaded all the furniture and boxes into the big yellow truck, Derek tried to stall them with distracting conversation and even resorted to sitting on boxes they were trying to take. But Taylor had other plans.

He had prepared a backpack for himself and was ready to run away. He wasn’t sure where he would go, but if he was going anywhere it would be to a place of his choosing. He was old enough (or so he thought) to be on his own. He didn’t need his parents, his brother, or any roof over his head. He had some fishing gear and knew how to start a fire like his dad had shown him on their many camping trips. He would be just fine on his own – better even! He told himself that he wouldn’t even miss Derek, or Ana, or even Precious – but he knew those were lies.

While his parents were distracted giving instructions to the moving crew, Taylor snuck out the back door with his pack in-hand. Quietly, he shut the door behind him.

“No slamming doors today,” he thought. “I have to be sneaky now.”


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