Your face

ee85d9fe48cfe06d667950c174eb314aThe walls that held me up for years quickly crumbled away in the face of you. And just as I start to fear I might fall, you were right there to catch me in your embrace.

I built a dam around my heart to keep the pain out – from flooding my soul. But this damn was made from a bed of soft clay. With the first push of pressure, the damn washed away… leaving me soaked and chilled to the bone.

Feeling so lost – forever alone. And just as I start to surrender my breath, you take my hand, pull me close to your chest.

Your face. Your face. I never forget a face. And with all the faces haunting me, taunting me, some are even mocking me.

Yours is the face that brings me peace, feeds me love, keeps me safe – without walls.

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