The days that follow

In the days that followed since Cole Mooridian sexually assaulted me in his home during the early morning hours of June 4th – his life continued as normal.



He shared a photo of a gun he though looked neato.



He joked around with his friends on social media.



Later that week, he took his (non-biological) granddaughter to Sanford in Fargo to have her arm examined – she had hairline fractures on her radius and ulna.  Why this monster still has custody of the child is a complete and maddening mystery to me!



He told his son Derrick that he loves him.



And he bragged about what a great parent he is…


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  1. Reblogged this on Just One Take and commented:

    And he continues to live his life as if this never happened – as is he never raped the babysitter while that little girl slept across the hallway with all doors in the house wide open. He lives as if he never used a gun to threaten me. He lives as if he got away with it.


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