Betrayal for an Introvert

“This is significant because I don’t let anyone in. I’ve been taken advantage of and for granted so many times, I tend to push everyone away, but I thought these people were my friends. They’d been watching my Facebook for years and, I, theirs. I believed they were in need of a kind heart and some hope and healing.”

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  1. Comment from Sarah G. via Facebook: “I’m not entirely sure how this ended up on my news feed, but I’ve read it, and can only assume you’re sharing it because it speaks to you. I’m wondering if you relate to her story in your own mind. I was deeply disturbed by what happened and I hope you can take personal responsibility. You paid zero $$ in rent, you loaned them your car, you called police on them and falsely accused them of grand theft auto, you traumatized her child and you put me through all of that by proxy. Meanwhile parading multiple men through a shared space you hadn’t contributed to financially. You are not the victim Jackie. The moment you take personal responsibility is the moment you can change your life in a positive direction.”

  2. My response to Sarah G. via Facebook: “Thank you for posting! Now that I have a screenshot of your comments I now have proof that you are a liar and can litigate against you for defamation of character as you posted this publicly. (I won’t as I appreciate all reader feedback – but I can.) You really shouldn’t make statments about things you know nothing about. And those who live in glass houses… shouldn’t throw stones.


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