Zombies North of Normal (04)


Photo by Pexels.com

Chapter Four: The Helicopter

As Jackie put the store behind her, she felt a sense of both relief and pride wash over her. Not only had she survived her first outing, but she had also nearly encountered her first zombie. She praised herself for making the wise decision to pass up that opportunity, knowing she would encounter one of them soon enough – but hopefully no time soon.

She felt relief again upon making it back to the shelter and seeing her rope ladder left untouched. From the safety of the rooftop, she again scanned the area with not a soul in sight.

It was as she was pulling up the ladder she first heard the silence broken by the sound of an approaching helicopter. Without knowing how much time she had to conceal herself, she dropped the rope on the roof and laid flat pressing her body against the wall. She felt the surrounding wind around her whirl into action, kicking up leaves and dirt around her. Closing her eyes tight, she dropped the shield on her helmet so she could look.

She saw a blue and white domestic helicopter come over the horizon and it’s nose was pointed right at her and flying low to the ground.The noise of it would was deafening and she was grateful for the hearing protection the helmet did offer.

There was no doubt that she had been spotted as the chopper made it’s landing in the parking lot. As the blades slowed to a stop and the engine was silenced, the city’s emergency sirens began to wail. Whomever was in the helicopter was obviously part of a coordinated effort as the noise from it’s landing would have surely drawn the dead to that location. However, the sirens would draw them right back again.

She didn’t know who these people were, but she was prepared to defend herself if necessary. Before the outbreak she had been used, abused, and abandoned and Jackie was determined to ensure that life would remain in the past. She reached down for her hunting knife, wishing it had been a loaded gun.

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