One year from now

A consistent piece of advice I hear from life coaches and gurus is the importance of writing down your goals. I am taking that one step further and sharing my goals with the world. Here are my ten goals for how I want my life to look one year from today.


One year from now, I want my life to look very different.

  1. I will have an apartment of my own.
  2. I will have gainful employment.
  3. I will be taking classes towards my nursing degree.
  4. I will be in a band that plays paying gigs.
  5. I will easily afford my car payments.
  6. I will afford to maintain my car properly.
  7. I will be able to pay my phone bill on time every month.
  8. I will actively be writing my own music.
  9. I will be one-year smoke free.
  10. I will take my cats to the veterinarian to get their teeth professionally cleaned and get Tiger’s heart checked.
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