I will not abandon you.

I’m not sure if you get my messages. You often say you will block my number. So I don’t know if they get through to you – either literally or metaphorically. But I know you check this website every day so I will tell it to you again here. I will not abandon you.


You are a far cry from the man I used to know. The man I married was kind, generous, and considerate. I don’t recognize you anymore – and I’m not the only one to have noticed the change. You’ve allowed me to be homeless. You’ve allowed me to be assaulted. You’ve allowed me to be robbed and raped. I am your wife, yet you’ve allowed all this to happen to me while you enjoy your full-time, career-oriented, benefited job and a stable place to live. I used to have those things before I married you. But still, I will not abandon you.

Please do not misunderstand. We will never again share a home together. I can never trust you as I once did. I respect and love myself too much to allow you the opportunity to hurt me again. But I also know you’re not okay. The only thing I want of you is to get the help you need to be okay again – to be the real you once more. We both know what your life looked like before I became an integral part of it. And we both know how my life fell apart after I married you. Still, I will not abandon you.

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