A Blank Page is a Beautiful Thing

Blank_Canvas1A blank page is a beautiful thing.

The paper patiently waits, never rushing a writer – never mocking, though an aspiring author may imagine that very thing.

But no matter how frustrated the writer becomes, whether the words are brilliant, broken, or a nonsensical stream of consciousness – the paper forms no judgement or proffers insensitive criticisms.

The paper is patient and also forgiving. You can inscribe all manner of insults and profanities upon her and she takes no offense.

You can rip her, tear her to pieces, stomp her into pulp, burn her to ash, or toss her into the trash… and peacefully she returns to nourish the earth from whence she came with no protest – only silent repose.

We can treat human hearts in a similar fashion as we write upon the lives of one another. We can treat one another with cruelty and malice – and the sad truth is that sometimes we do. We can be ungrateful and ungracious. However, the page is the faithful unfailing place we can safely seek solace to purge the pain of such maltreatment.

A blank page is a beautiful thing…

and so too is all the pain of human existence when viewed from a delicate distance.

~ Jacqueline Marie Dotzenrod



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