How to be a Blogger


First and foremost – you must write!

You can about everything and anything. A blog is your little slice of the world wide web to express whatever is within you that is ready and needs to come out. So use it – don’t abandon or abuse it. You can write about your family, pets, or food. You can write about that song you have stuck in your head or that weird dream you had last night. You can write haiku or free-form poetry. You can write a novel, a short story, or screenplay. Personally, I have written about all these things and more.

Secondly, you must read!

Read about everything and anything. By reading the work of others, your own writing will improve – your vocabulary, technique, and design choices. Read newspapers, magazines, books, and other blogs. And speaking of reading other blogs…

Become an active part of your Blogging Community!

Don’t just read other blogs – follow them. And once you follow them, check back from time to time and see what’s new. Engage with the posts – leave likes and comments. As a blogger you know how valuable that feedback can be. So support other writers by leaving feedback of your own. Keep it constructive and positive. If you liked something about a post, leave a comment. If you enjoyed the pictures, leave a comment. If the writer inspired you in some way, leave a comment. And don’t be shy about linking to other blogs on your own website – supporting the success of other bloggers will not threaten or diminish your own success. Become an active part of your blogging community and you will find yourself supported and inspired in unexpected ways.



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  1. I agree so much I shall reblog. I am thankful for your following and so appreciated your comment this morning.

  2. Reblogged this on Lizard Planet and commented:
    I think this is a good bit from a blog buddy because likes, follows, and comments can make our spent time feel rewarding if we choose blogging as a form of expression or purposeful if our goal is rooted in helping others, lizards included, of course….


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