A romantic love story for our modern times

Their relationship started off on shaky ground to say the least. Hook started by telling Emma and her comrades lies about his survival and Emma was immediately skeptical.


A few scenes later, Emma ties him to a tree and threatens to leave him for the ogres – which promptly inspires him to spill his secrets.


Even after revealing both his identity and intentions, Emma remains justifiably skeptical.


Taking a cautious leap of faith, Emma allows Hook to accompany her on the climb up the beanstalk – the next step in getting back to her son in Storybrooke. As they climb, Hook engages Emma in conversation tell her that to him she is “something of an open book.” He proceeds to tell her about her motivations and life experiences. Some would say he made a lucky guess – others would argue that he knows how to read her. At the end of the scene it is Emma who lies.


Once they reach the top Hook seems to show concern about Emma seeing she is hurt, but he quickly confesses his concern is really his own self-interest. Throughout the scene, Hook maintains intense eye-contact with Emma and towards the end she makes her own intimate observation about him – and in doing so reveals her lie.


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  1. My favorite romance of all time : )
    I need to get caught up on my Once episodes, I haven’t had time to watch the latest season on netflix yet!


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