My goals for 2019


  1. Get into stable housing.
  2. Obtain reliable and affordable transportation.
  3. Attend my support group more regularly (having reliable transportation will greatly help with this goal).
  4. Persist in making progress in physical therapy (again, having reliable transportation will help me make it to all my appointments).
  5. Continue to nurture the loving and supportive relationships I’ve been blessed to have in my life.
  6. Strengthen the coping skills I’ve learned to conquer my anxiety so that I no longer need medication. I managed to reduce the dosage this year and I feel ready for this next step.
  7. Learn more about nutrition and incorporate what I learn into my diet.
  8. Find and create opportunities to use my skills as a writer and communicator.
  9. Cultivate the habit of a daily yoga practice.
  10. Enjoy more tea!
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