Love is like water


Why do we use just one simple word to explain such a myriad of experiences?

Love is never unaccompanied. In many ways, it is like water from a deep well, mountain stream, desert oasis, or great ocean.

Water holds so much within itself. Water teems with life. Water gives life. Water has the power to transform – even erode rock. And water changes with the seasons and passing of storms.

And also like water, love is rarely pure. Love often carries with it, feelings of joy and rapture, sadness and grief, peace and understanding. Love is greater than a feeling. It is an essence, an element, a catalyst, and a carrier.

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  1. I have found that when you treat love as just a feeling, it can be elusive. It is when we see love as not just and emotion, but as an action, a way of living, it becomes more real and attainable.
    Richard Yadon |


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