Not just another Wednesday morning!

I awoke Wednesday morning to a surprise I had never expected to receive. Aaron Lamb, renowned sexual predator and businessman, had made an attempt to call me at 3am the morning of December 1, 20201. So I did what any savvy rape survivor would do – I call my local dispatch center to report the harassment to my local police department.

While I was on the line with a dispatcher, the rapist calls me a second time that morning. This is only the beginning of what would lead to scores of text messages from rapist Aaron Lamb that day.

My next step was to check my “blocked” messages folder and this is what I found…

I explained to Aaron that it’s not “defamation” if what I wrote is true. Secondly, I did include information on his business partner Peter Chamberlain as well as the Kilbourne Group which owns the building that houses his business WalkWise where Chamberlain rents office and manufacturing space with his sexual predator partner. Unfortunately, I think the words I used in my explanation were too big for Lamb’s dumb brain to understand my meaning.

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