The struggle for self love

Many of us struggle with feelings of self-loathing and even self-hatred. It is not uncommon to feel this way and even to mutter the phrase “I hate myself” to ourselves or perhaps a reflection glancing back at us through a looking glass. Please stop – if not for the sake of yourself, then stop for the sake of those who do love you.

It honestly hurts my heart to think that someone I love would use such a strong and negative word as “hate” to slap on themselves. I think you are lovely. I think you are kind, compassionate, creative, and beautiful. I find so many things about you to love. It angers me that anyone would hate you. It saddens me that you sometimes hate yourself.

So please – stop the hate. There are already so many entities in this world that seek to tear us down and rip us apart. Let us not do that do ourselves. Instead, let us do unto ourselves as we do unto others. Love yourself as strongly and as fiercely as you love your friends and those you consider to be your family.

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