Lamb lies in court

When it comes to getting justice for rape survivors – the amount of time, effort, and emotional turmoil we are subject to is ridiculous. Were it not so traumatic, I would find it laughable.

Rapist Aaron Lamb

I had my hearing to request the court extend a temporary order for protection into a permanent order for protection against the convicted criminal, child abuser, and rapist Aaron Michael Lamb this past week. The hearing went as expected with Lamb denying the rape and any other wrongdoing. Also as expected, my request was denied with Lamb coming out victorious.

But this was just one single battle in a viscous war and there’s still a lot of fight left in this survivor. I will continue to do all in my power to protect myself and the public from all known sexual predators. A few tools at my disposal include my voice, this blog, as well as the criminal and civil court systems. I have been threatened with lawsuits of defamation, slander, libel, and harassment by multiple rapists. So far not a single one has followed through on their empty threats.

The thing that befuddled me most leaving the courthouse that day was not the dismissal – it was the fact that Lamb not only lied to the court, but he also provided evidence of his lies. I even pointed out that fact to the court official in my rebuttal. However, my observation of the lies fell on deaf ears. I am left wondering if Lamb and this court official (whom I will not yet name here) had come to some sort of underhanded arrangement prior to the proceedings.

Regardless, the fact and subsequent proof of his lie will be useful in the criminal and civil cases yet to come.

Thank you all for the love, prayers, and support you’ve been sending my way. Despite Lamb’s attempts to tear me down, I am lifted up by so much love.

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