Celebrating ten years of Just One Take

Whether you can believe it or not, I have now been writing posts for Just One Take for ten years. Back in 2012, I had no idea where life would take me or how this blog might go over. Ten years in, I would say it’s going rather well. For that, I give my gratitude to the readers and fellow bloggers who readily lend me their time, support, comments, and encouragement.

This blog has followed me through many different jobs, apartments, relationships, and major life changes. When I started, I was a full-time working woman in the field of journalism. I moved from there into my favorite job of all time – 911/EMS Dispatcher for the good people of Stutsman County. As of 2018, the United States Government determined me to be “totally and completely” disabled. It’s a label I refuse to wear as I work hard in physical therapy, speech therapy, and with my psychologist. I consider seeing my different doctors several times a week as part of my new “job” – to recover to the point where I am capable of returning to the workforce.

Some people have Monday morning team meetings. I have a Monday morning session with my Physical Therapist whom I see two to three times every week. There are exercises I must perform multiple times a day as part of my pain management strategy since I refuse to become addicted to pain killers. If I am lucky, I get to see my reflexologist who helps to alleviate the nerve pain associated with my brachial plexus and sciatic nerve clusters. I have weekly appointments with a speech therapist who helps me re-learn executive function skills since surviving a traumatic brain injury in 2013. I also have weekly appointments with a psychologist who helps me learn strategies to better manage my symptoms of post-traumatic stress. I do this all with no support from my immediate family or the help of a spouse. On top of this – I also manage to get my bills paid, plan and prepare myself healthy meals, care for my two companion cats, and keep my house somewhat clean and tidy. Really, when I see it all typed out here… I amaze myself!

So from working woman to “disabled” woman, this blog has been with me through it all. It is my hope that this blog (and its readers) will continue to be with me as I fight my way back to better health!

Thank you for joining me on this grand adventure!

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