Writing my first screenplay

Today was a groundbreaking one for me as I finally took the plunge into writing my first screenplay intended for film. It is a story that has been brewing inside my mind for years and today it burst forth onto written pages – eighteen of them to be exact!

I was inspired by watching a video done by StudioBinder about how to begin a film. Like many writers, I struggle with how to begin a story and this tutorial gave me several options accompanied by illustrative examples. I decided to go with the option referred to as “bookends” in the video. To start my movie, I went with a flashback/flash-forward dreamlike (but very real and relatable) moment between a newlywed couple sitting together in an airport awaiting departure to their honeymoon destination.

While I am not yet ready to share my finished work, I will share with you the video that inspired me to finally write the film that has been playing in my mind these past several weeks.

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