Dear former friend

January 11, 2022

Dear James,

On the night you sent me out of your home the summer of 2017, I almost died. Richard took me back to his apartment where he beat and strangled me within an inch of my life. He wanted to teach me a “lesson” I would “never forget” and he certainly did. To this day, I have nerve damage to the right side of my body. (Richard is left-handed.) After that, I did not dare to try leaving Richard again. Thank heavens that he eventually left me, but unfortunately not before he caused permanent nerve and brain damage.

It is with all this in mind and the grace of time that I can forgive you. Neither you nor I knew what Richard was going to do to me that night and I want you to know that I hold no ill will against you for turning me out. I cannot remember what my behavior was like at that time, but I can imagine a woman who had recently been raped by her husband’s friend and also beaten and raped repeatedly by the husband himself would not behave like an ideal house guest.

I have attempted to reach out to you through a mutual friend of ours, but have not been able to get through to you. So unfortunately, I must leave my message for you here as I have no other way of contacting you. I hope you and your family are well and the knowledge that I am on the path to recovery gives you some comfort. I do appreciate that you tried to help me get out of a dangerous situation and for that I will always be grateful to you.



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