This time it’s personal

More than four years ago, Carl Martinek owed me the courtesy of a phone call. I had filed a report with Valley City Police regarding a case of sexual assault on June 4, 2017 and as the standing Barnes County States Attorney, it fell to him to prosecute or dismiss the case.

In those early morning hours of June 4th, the Valley City Police did their duty and investigated the claim of rape to the fullest extent – even going so far as to wake a judge in the night to request a search warrant for the property at 426 4th Avenue NE in Valley City. The officers obtained their warrant, served it within hours of the initial complaint, and seized a handgun, bed sheets clothes, and other items as evidence. It is supremely unfortunate the gun was returned because Cole Mooridian never surrendered his weapons – not even after a court ordered him to do so after he was convicted of assault and domestic violence in July 2020. It is also unfortunate the Valley City Police can do nothing to remove those weapons from Cole Mooridian’s grasp because Mooridian was awarded “unsupervised probation.”

One has to wonder if Mooridian had the help of his old friend Carl Martinek in getting the probation to be unsupervised. Martinek let Mooridian get away with rape. Comparatively, getting him on unsupervised probation for domestic violence would be relatively small potatoes.

As the police did their work that night in 2017, I also had tasks to complete. There was the unpleasant task of going through a rape examination. Then the unpleasant task of going home to Richard Kodadek to inform him that his friend had just raped me. And finally, the task of waiting to see if the rapist got me pregnant as I had decided to pass on the emergency contraception offered to me as part of the rape examination at the hospital.

It should not have been my responsibility to follow up on the case. That duty belonged squarely to Carl Martinek. He utterly failed to complete his part in the whole thing.

Not only did Martinek fail to prosecute a violent rapist, but he also failed to notify me of his decision. I recieved no phone call, no letter, not even an email from Martinek with his decision to forego prosecuting a monster in his own backyard. That night, Martinek also failed to protect the virtue of two young children whom Cole Mooridian would later molest and violate. Martinek failed to protect at least two other women from Cole Mooridian and his particular brand of violence. Martinek failed me. Martinek failed his community. Martinek failed to make a single phone call.

Carl Martinek – your time is up!

You can contact the office of the Valley City Attorney’s office with the information below.

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