I am from stardust

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My heart is shattered into a million minute pieces and have been scattered to the four winds where those shards have been carried to the tops of mountains, the vast ocean waters, and up to the sky moon and stars.

Will the pieces ever be gathered together again? I have done this before. I have lost a great love who will never return to this lifetime. I have mourned with weeping tears at the loss. I have felt the endless emptiness open in my soul and tear through my chest expanding as a great black hole within my body. I have felt the void where I ceased falling into the inky black.

There, in the pure and holy dark – I heard the word. Faint at first, but growing like fire the pulse becomes stronger as I feel my bones gather themselves together from stardust. Sinew stitches together the tissues of my corporeality. And with just one breath, I am brought back to life – alone, but ready to face the world that is to come.

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  1. Eric Rinehart

     /  November 8, 2021

    So good….it literally reaches into the soul. Exception writing!!


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