The Injustices of Carl Martinek

By Evelyn Rose Blackwood

The Artist’s Inspiration

The inspiration for this piece came mostly from the lack of knowledge I had about the guy when Jacqueline told me. Since he wasn’t a big-time politician I figured a political cartoon of some kind might be a bit too much. And since his nasty way of letting that rapist go free I thought a poster in the vein of WW2 propaganda posters would at least help draw attention to him. As far as the imagery itself went the gavel was for the amount of injustice went, the skulls standing in for the people that would get hurt/have gotten hurt, and the rose/flower for general innocence. I tried to keep the background colorful, yet bright enough to help pull people in, yet modern enough to not make the piece overall dreary or boring.

Here is the original post regarding Carl Martinek:

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