Disenchantment: A modern princess from the past

Coming out to mixed reviews in 2018, producer Matt Groening (creator of Futurama) takes a step back into the past. As for myself, I can only give this show my praise.

In the opening sequence, we meet Princess Tiabeanie – a rough and rowdy sort of royal who enjoys drinking, gambling, and inciting bar brawls. I appreciate how so many aspects of this character are introduced in just a single ninety-second scene.

We see her wear a poker face, cheat at cards, and respond to a physical threat with grace and aplomb. That, however, is where her lady-like grace meets its limits. She reduces to punching and kicking her way around the mob until they back her into a corner. This is the moment we get to se the best part of Bean – her wit!

If you haven’t yet seen Disenchantment, I highly recommend you do. Season 4 just came out this week. If you’ve already watched an episode or two, I suggest you give it another go. This is a show that is filled with background jokes, physical humor, and fun pop culture references scattered throughout.

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