The Broke B*tch Cooking Companion

Image from Buzzfeed

Chapter One
99 ways to make ramen less boring – we would do 100, but just couldn’t afford even one more 😉

Chapter “Toot”
Beans beans the magical fruit!

Chapter Three
The wonderful world of rice – from basmati to rice gone wild!

Chapter Four
What to do with all that unsweetened apple sauce you got from the food bank and other stories of forgotten canned goods.

Chapter Five
Eggs and peanutbutter – protein sources that don’t make you constantly bloated.

Chapter Six
How to manage your SNAP and still eat the entire month.

Chapter Seven
Adventures with government cheese!

Chapter Eight
Spices and how they will save you from culinary boredom.

Chapter Nine
How to find a cheap (or free) slow cooker and why you want one in your kitchen.

Chapter Eleven
We couldn’t afford to pay royalties on the number ten.

Chapter Twelve
Noodles of all shapes and sizes – and the sauces that go best with them!

If you have a suggestion for content that should be included in this cookbook, please let me know in the comments!

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