Jenifer’s Dinner for One

1) Download door dash.

2) Pick your favorite restaurant.

3) Pick your favorite meal.

4) Add a great tip for the driver.

5) Enter card info.

6) Press submit.

7) Get a pop up your card is declined.

8) Check account balance.

9) -$2.90

10) cry

11) go to the kitchen

12) look for food to prepare

13) find out you have some rice, frozen veggies, frozen meat, onion powder,  garlic powder and some soy sauce packs .. from the restaurant.. And maybe an egg.

14) cook rice

15) thaw veggies and meat while rice is cooking.

16) put cooked rice on a baking sheet flat and put in the freezer for 5-10 min to cool down.

17) while rice is cooking down get a large frying pan out and put on med- high heat … Add butter or oil
(whatever you have)

18)  cook meat fully and remove from pan

19) put rice in a bowl and add one raw egg to the rice.. (Add more butter or oil to the pan) cook rice on med high heat constantly stirring…

20) add onion powder, garlic powder and soy sauce packs to the rice Along with meat and veggies.

21) when it’s all hot and ready put it on a plate and enjoy your. Single poor person’s stir fry.

– note: you can use raman noodles instead of rice. 

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