Valley News Live – protecting sexual predators and exploiting survivors since at least 2014

FARGO – In 2014 Valley News Live ran a human interest story about a war veteran who was facing a threat of eviction. In this story slanted to garner sympathy for this predator, Valley News Live failed to include that this individual is a registered sex offender.

Even after receiving notice of their failure to report the full truth of the matter, VNL declined to publish any followup report telling their viewers the rest of the story.

Once again, the team at VNL made the decision to support a known and convicted criminal instead of telling the story of the survivors who were victimized by these men.

If you need a more recent example, let’s not forget the way VNL reporter Bailey Hurley wrote about a woman who “crashed” her ex-boyfriend’s funeral in May 2021. The story was picked up by national news media and the young mother was humiliated on a national stage.

But Hurley left out one important detail – the man whose funeral was “crashed” was a known pedophile. The woman who attended the funeral to make whatever peace she could with this brutal pedophile was assaulted by family members of the deceased, arrested, and then charged. This survivor’s mugshot was splashed over local news, shared nationwide, and laughed at by countless rubes who were not given the whole story.

Bailey Hurley knows about these accusations. She and Valley News Live simply do not care about survivors of sexual assault or domestic violence. To this day, they have failed to report the full story.

This is not Bailey Hurley’s first time exploiting a survivor of sexual assault. More on that (with audio) to come soon.

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  1. Ambriel

     /  February 15, 2022

    Wow, that is awful what Bailey did!!


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