Valley News Live (KVLY) makes weak attempt at a cover up

FARGO – The news broke last night on Just One Take that Valley News Live has spent a minimum of eight years protecting sexual predators and exploiting their victims. VNL reporter Bailey Hurley made her own attempt to exploit me. She exploited another survivor last summer. At this point, I have found no less than four instances of this Fargo news source abusing victims and supporting criminals.

This morning, Valley News Live published an “update” from Cole Mooridian’s pretrial hearing which took place more than six weeks ago in January 2022. In this update, they removed the mugshot and all pertinent information relayed in the original story which ran in April 2021 after Mooridian was arrested and charged for molesting a child in his home back in August 2019.

The byline on this update is attributed to Valley News Live Staff – thus implicating all VNL staff members in this shoddy attempt at a coverup that has come about two months too late.

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