County Commissioners should decline abatement request

by Whitney Oxendahl

A Japanese-owned company is asking Cass County to make an exemption on their property tax for the next 15 years. CGB/ND Soybean Processors is opening a soybean processing plant less than a mile west of Casselton – picture hundreds of trucks going in and out of there every day.

Their property value was set at 1.3 million which would mean a yearly tax of $350,000. This is money that could go to road upkeep (ALL THOSE TRUCKS) and area schools. For one, the school in Casselton is in dire need of roof repairs.

The company expects to make $81 million in their first year. They are requesting to pay 0% the first ten years and 10% the five years after that. Their tax abatement request comes to the Cass County Commission tomorrow, Tues Feb 22nd at 3:30 PM at the Cass County Courthouse.

You can give public comment in person. OR email the county commissioners:

Ask them to vote NO on the tax abatement for North Dakota Soybean Processors. We pay property taxes right away on our homes, and they should too. For the good of our roads, schools, and services.

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