Aunt Esther (part two)

I shall reply to your points each in turn.

1. I did not blame him until you pointed out the fact we never should have wed. I am not duplicitous as you so claim. You changed my mind as mothers often do for their children. As you were able to change your son’s mind about seeking medical care – an opportunity you would never have had if not for the divorce. You are welcome for that, though I do not expect your gratitude.

2. Yes, people do die of medical anomalies. However, your son was born with an anomaly which you utterly failed to protect him from as proven by his demise.

3. No, I did not get to see the sort of person my child might have become. I did not get to share memories of my child outside of my womb. Instead, I felt her die inside of me. I refuse to engage in an argument of who has it worse for both are tragic.

4. I write for myself – I do not write to please you or anyone else.

5. Anyone who uses the phrase “he said/she said” defaults their alignment with the “he.” And so it has been throughout the course of human history.

6. It pleases me to know that you know. I debated waiting to send links, but the sooner they have been sent the sooner I can set about forgetting you.

7. I do not care whether or not you read this. As stated in point four – I write for myself. I publish so that others may stand a chance of learning from my mistakes.

8. This victory serves me well as did your advice.

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  1. Ambriel

     /  March 28, 2022

    Beautifully said!


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