Simply put, this amazing Shoshone woman is the reason the Lewis & Clark Expedition was not a complete and utter failure. Without her as their guide, they would have drowned, starved, or been mauled to death by local wildlife. It is unlikely the expedition members would have been killed by local inhabiting natives as these men of the expedition who were venturing into unknown territory had plenty of incompetence to ensure their own demise. As a teenager with a baby on her back, this remarkable young woman guided a band of hapless men safely through waterways, forests, and mountains. She saved their lives more than once. And again – she did this as a teenager carrying a baby with her. This woman definitely had her hands full caring for her own child as well as the pack of man-children who counted on her for their survival. In my opinion, there ought to be a campaign to rename the venture the “Sacajawea Saved our Asses for the Eight Time Today” Expedition.

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