Reasons you should believe rape survivors

In my court hearing against rapist Aaron Lamb this past week, he called his ex-wife to the stand as a witness. Lamb also made reference to another person I had considered a friend, a fellow feminist, and an ally in the fight against rape culture. Third, he referenced a friend who had for a time in 2017 helped me to escape my marriage to a mortally-violent man. It breaks my heart that despite all the awareness spread by movement like #MeToo and #TimesUp that still some people (even people close to a survivor) still stubbornly and with great cruelty choose to side with the rapist instead of the people he has victimized.


Lamb lies in court

When it comes to getting justice for rape survivors – the amount of time, effort, and emotional turmoil we are subject to is ridiculous. Were it not so traumatic, I would find it laughable.

Rapist Aaron Lamb

Not just another Wednesday morning!

I awoke Wednesday morning to a surprise I had never expected to receive. Aaron Lamb, renowned sexual predator and businessman, had made an attempt to call me at 3am the morning of December 1, 20201. So I did what any savvy rape survivor would do – I call my local dispatch center to report the harassment to my local police department.


A call at 3am from a rapist

Convicted child abuser, molester, and rapist Aaron Michael Lamb

Aaron Lamb is a Rapist

Aaron Michael Lamb (DOB 02/14/1975) is a sexual predator and a rapist. I was not his first victim and will surely not be his last. He raped me in my own bed one April night in 2021. I thought he was someone who could be trusted, but I was very wrong.

Aaron Lamb – Rapist