A romantic love story for our modern times

Their relationship started off on shaky ground to say the least. Hook started by telling Emma and her comrades lies about his survival and Emma was immediately skeptical.


The Tale of Orual Jenkins

The Tale of Orual Jenkins

An allegory by Jacqueline Dotzenrod

Chapter One

Orual Jenkins is the first-born daughter of Leroy and Maria Jenkins. After briefly pursuing a career in adventuring, Leroy was forced into retirement by his adventuring comrades who were sick of his antics, often leading them all into situations leading to certain death.

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Orual Jenkins


The Cat & The Mouse

Once upon a time there was a Little Boy. Little Boy liked to wear a red baseball cap and sneakers with white laces. But this story is not about him. This is a story about his pet.


The Princess and Her Problem


 A Story by  Jacqueline Dotzenrod

         Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess who was born to a land of plenty.  There was always enough to go around.  From the townsfolk inside the castle walls, to the villagers in the outlying settlements and even the rural-folk never had want for much of anything.  The princess grew up in a world of satisfaction, yet she could not find satisfaction within herself.