Aunt Esther (part two)

I shall reply to your points each in turn.


What lies beyond hatred

It has recently come to my attention that I made a terrible mistake to marry at the young age of twenty four years. Since my first husband passed in 2015, I have mourned and missed him each and every day. That ends now.


Don’t get married until you’re ready to watch them die?

The second biggest regret of my life is marrying a man with a congenital heart condition. I regret this not because of his health or anything about him whatsoever. I regret it because of my own fault – because at 26 years of age I was not mentally or emotionally prepared to watch him die right in front of me.


I am from stardust

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My heart is shattered into a million minute pieces and have been scattered to the four winds where those shards have been carried to the tops of mountains, the vast ocean waters, and up to the sky moon and stars.


Searching for my Sam Heughan

Every evening after dinner is done and I’ve washed and put away the dirty dishes, I sit on my couch beside my two cats and watch a movie, read a few pages from a book, or maybe play a video game to pass the time. However, these past several nights have been particularly difficult.

I’m lonely.


It all began on a summer’s eve

It all began on a summer’s eve in July 2017 when my husband told me that he had slept with my sister and that he was leaving me. Which news was worse is debatable. If his aim was to cut me deepest, he couldn’t have chosen better timing. I had recently been fired from my job because of excessive panic attacks which led to hospitalization at a local mental health institution. Additionally, I had been brutally raped about a month prior by a man he had introduced me to as a friend. Earlier that day, I had been informed by the states attorney’s office that there would be no prosecution for the crime – even though a handgun and a minor child had been involved. I already felt destroyed. His actions ensured I would stay that way for a long time.


What a borderline personality breakdown looks like


A Hero’s Journey Begins

“The usual hero adventure begins with someone from whom something has been taken, or who feels there is something lacking in the normal experience available or permitted to the members of society. The person then takes off on a series of adventures beyond the ordinary, either to recover what has been lost or to discover some life-giving elixir. It’s usually a cycle, a coming and a returning.”

Joseph Campbell, The Hero with a Thousand Faces



Love rejoices with the truth

Love does not Delight in Evil but Rejoices with the Truth

In my opinion, this part of the passage is more telling about the nature of evil than that of love. One way we can know something is by learning more about it’s opposite. Cold is the absence of heat. Darkness is the absence of light. Evil is the absence of love and truth.



Family means nobody gets left behind


What would you grab if your home was on fire? It’s a common enough question and a good one to consider should anyone find themselves presented with such a dire situation. I had the opportunity to know my answer to that question. Earlier this year when I was staying at the YWCA shelter, a fire alarm went off early one morning. No drill was scheduled, so I had to assume this was the real deal.