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Emotional regulation after brain injury

Life after a brain injury

After surviving something as traumatic as a brain injury, it can sometimes feel as though life should not go on. In some sense – life will never be the same as it was before. Often people’s personalities change with a brain injury. This can be the most difficult change for survivors as well as their loved ones. It challenges a person’s very sense of self.


Richard Kodadek is a rapist and a wife beater

Since my 2013 wedding to Richard Lee Kodadek (DOB 01/03/1981), I have been struggling to recover from a traumatic brain injury I sustained as a result of that relationship. Granted, I did not know this is what I was struggling with until several years later. I was told repeatedly by many doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and my husband himself that I was “just” wrestling with depression, anxiety, and mood instability. The fact of the matter is that in a single day, my entire personality had changed and nobody close to me – not even Richard Kodadek – seemed to take notice.

Rapist and Abuser Richard Lee Kodadek