Memory of the body

Even after years gone by, my body recognizes your touch and feels young again. My skin pricks with a kiss from your lips. The sound of your voice – it soothes my soul. And though my judgement, proven to be poor, I still feel safe with you. I’ve always felt safe with you.

You tell me your one wish for me is to feel loved, to feel worthy, and cared for. But I have been treated with coldness, uncaring dispassion, a suffocating indifference surrounding me. And desperation welling within me, spilling over into bad decisions – choices poorly made. But born of a deep-seated need to feel love, companionship, empathy.

And so, as my body melts into you, this feeling of “safe” settles into my bones. But much to my shame, all the pains of loneliness begin to leach from my heart. It is then the tears start to fall.


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