In some other life


I don’t want to hurt him,

But I have to let him go.

His heart’s not mine to keep.

His path is not mine to follow.


It’s not for lack of wanting,

Or even lack of love.

If I didn’t love him,

This wouldn’t hurt so much.


But it hurts – it hurts so deep,

The kind of pain

That leaves you shaking

As you struggle to your feet.


And I know this pain

Will wane with time.

But in this moment it feels like being stabbed

With a thousand steely knives.


He feels it too, I have no doubt –

This pain so deep inside.

My empathy now an enemy

From which I cannot hide.


I saw how high his hopes had soared

In a mere matter of days.

He reworked his whole life plan

Just so I could stay.


I know I am forever changed

Because of this one man

A life worth living, one full of hope

He helped me find again.


But there’s still a missing piece –

Something I cannot yet describe;

That states this dream must stay a dream

Left for another life.


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