Aaron Lamb is a Rapist

Aaron Michael Lamb (DOB 02/14/1975) is a sexual predator and a rapist. I was not his first victim and will surely not be his last. He raped me in my own bed one April night in 2021. I thought he was someone who could be trusted, but I was very wrong.

Aaron Lamb – Rapist

Aaron Lamb lives above Rooters in downtown Fargo, making it relatively easy for him to find suitable prey. This heavy set man may look soft and doughy, but he is a cold and ruthless predator. Be wary of this man if you ever spend time in downtown Fargo.

Aaron Lamb is a proud owner of a company called WalkWise (https://www.walkwise.com/). His business partner is Peter Chamberlain. It is unknown whether or not Peter is aware of Aaron Lamb’s predatory behavior.

The business is located inside the historic Black Building in Fargo. This building is owned and managed by the Kilbourne Group (https://kilbournegroup.com/properties/the-black-building/). It is unknown if the Kilbourne Group is aware of Aaron Lamb’s predatory behavior.

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