Searching for my Sam Heughan

Every evening after dinner is done and I’ve washed and put away the dirty dishes, I sit on my couch beside my two cats and watch a movie, read a few pages from a book, or maybe play a video game to pass the time. However, these past several nights have been particularly difficult.

I’m lonely.

I miss having someone to talk with over a hot meal. I even miss sitting in silence with someone at the table because we’ve both had a difficult day and we just need a little piece of quiet while in another’s company. I miss having someone dry the dishes while I wash or someone to wash the dishes while I dry. I miss cuddles on the couch with someone’s arms holding me close. I miss feeling a heartbeat with my head pressed up against his chest. I miss running my fingers through his hair. I miss brushing my teeth beside my partner. I miss pillow talk. I miss falling asleep next to someone who loves me.

Who is it that I miss?

I don’t know his name, but I do know some things about him – so I wrote down a list. I made this list so that when I do find him, he’ll be easy for me to identify. Here it is:

  • He respects me.
  • He appreciates my intelligence, my work ethic, and my sense of humor.
  • Seeing me smile brings him a sense of pleasure.
  • He enjoys camping, fishing, and hiking adventures.
  • He is financially stable and independent.
  • He never gets tired of touching me.
  • Being Scottish doesn’t hurt.

I don’t yet know his name, how tall he might be, or what he looks like – but I do hope I find out very soon. Until then, I’ll affectionately call this guy “Sam” after my favorite Scottish actor Sam Heughan. Until he finds me, I will keep practicing my French and Scottish Gaelic šŸ˜‰

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