Movie Review: The King’s Man

I had received a couple movie vouchers to my local theater for Christmas, so I decided to take myself out this afternoon. My intention was to see the latest Spiderman flick, but the showtime I wanted was sold out. On a whim (a very fortunate whim) I elected to see The King’s Man and while some movie reviews express a decline in the franchise, I was not the least bit disappointed. First of all, I had no idea The Kingsman is a franchise with prior films. Fortunately, this did not at all diminish my ability to follow the plot and enjoy the movie.

I don’t want to give too much away because I do hope many of you will go see The King’s Man for yourselves. It is a fast-paced adventure flick that pulls you in from the start. In the opening scene we are introduced to Emily who only appears in the film mere minutes, but the character’s impact is felt throughout the rest of the film.  I attribute this to a combination of stellar writing, acting, and directing. With stunning period costumes, fantastical fight choreography, brilliant set design, and a fitting musical score – The King’s Man is sure to entertain. My first thought as the credits rolled was “I enjoyed that ten times more than I ever did Indiana Jones.”

Sorry Indy, but my I can’t lie about what I felt in my gut. Much like in movies featuring the adventuring anthropologist – we get to see action-packed sequences, a thrilling scene involving a plane crash, fighting with swords, guns, and even a cake platter (sorry, but there’s not leather whip wielded in this film by friend or foe). We even get close to seeing a Nazi at the end of the show.

If any supporting actor stole the show, it would have to be Rhys Ifans in his portrayal of the historical and haunting figure Rasputin. I both laughed and shuddered at his performance within the same ten minutes of screentime. His fight sequence which pits him against our core heroes was truly a thrill. The whole thing is set to the theme of Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s arguably most famous overture. To me, it also brought to mind others films where the fate of Britain is in peril.

So I had better stop there before I give away any spoilers. If you’re looking for an action-packed good time at the movies, go see The King’s Man before it leaves theaters. This is definitely a show best viewed on the big screen!

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