There is darkness in the valley

Valley City is a small community nestled in the heart of the Sheyenne River Valley. Being surrounded by beautiful landscapes, one would assume the community is just as beautiful too. However, whatever potential for beauty it might have once held, Valley City has been corrupted by the darkest of evils – pedophilia, rape, molestation, and murder.

This quaint small town protects its citizens who are harbingers of death and destruction and also elevates them to positions of power – including judges, civilians, and even the city attorney Carl Martinek.

Carl Martinek is responsible for robbing at least two young girls of their innocence. He is responsible for picking up a child and throwing her into a wall with bare hands. Martinek is even responsible for making that child watch as her grandmother was kicked in the head and stomach after being beaten to the ground. He is responsible for the assault of no less than three women by now. Carl Louis Martinek is the worst kind of evil. He stares monsters right in the eye and then looks the other way as they beat and rape more innocent victims.

There is a special place in hell for men like Martinek, but what are we to do with them as they live and breathe among us living upon the earth? Do men like that really deserve to bear the honored title of “city attorney?”

If this angers you as much as it does me, please call and/or write to the Valley City Commission straight away.

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