Goals for 2022


I know I am a bit behind the calendar in posting this, but I still wanted to share some of my goals with you for the coming year.

1. Have the best year of web traffic for Just One Take.

2. Get 3,000 “likes” on the Just One Take Facebook page.

3. Publish new content at least once twice every week in 2022.

4. Make some Just One Take swag available on the website and do some giveaways to my readers!

5. Improve my sketching and watercolor skills to create a few pieces I can share on Just One Take.

6. Continue planning and preparing healthy meals for myself every day.

7. Share my recipes and some of my friend’s favorite recipes on Just One Take.

8. Publish a virtual cookbook and make it available to download for free.

9. Publish more pictures of my cats 😺

10. Thank my readers for our best year yet at Just One Take!

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