Bailey Hurley exploits survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence (letter)

Bailey Hurley

Hello Ms. Hurley,

Now that I realize you are the same reporter who exploited Blair Whitten last summer, I will not be doing an interview with you. You knew that the woman who “crashed” her ex-boyfriend’s funeral had accused the deceased of sexual assault, but nobody took her seriously. You know this because I posted that fact several times on the VNL Facebook post of the article. 

Despite that knowledge, you refused to publish her side of the story – the story of a young woman who attended the funeral of her abuser to find whatever peace she could at his passing. The story of a woman who was surrounded and threatened by that abuser’s surviving family even though she had been watching silently from her car until they accosted her. The story of a young girl who survived neglect. The story of a young woman who survived countless abuses. The story of how she fell into drug addiction and into the grips of mental illness as a result of those abuses. A story of exploitation, abuse, and public shaming by the local and national media. I seriously doubt you even took a moment to consider what you would be putting her through.

You are the one who ought to be shamed. Your methods of reporting disgust me. You as a human being disgust me – to write the things you did about a woman who has survived horrors your pathetic privileged* ass can only imagine, you must have lost your soul some time ago.

I will not wish what Blair has survived upon you. I won’t wish what I’ve survived on you either. However, I do hope you find some way to redeem yourself – but frankly, I don’t know if that is possible for you to do in just one lifetime. I will keep you in my prayers.

Jacqueline Dotzenrod

*Bailey Hurley is beyond privileged. According to public records, Hurley lives in a house valued around $270,000 according to Zillow. This house was purchased and is owned by her parents. This grown “adult” woman has the power of the press and uses it to destroy vulnerable people… but she cannot purchase her own house. She needs mommy and daddy to keep a roof over her head.

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