Bailey Hurley exploits survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence (audio)

Bailey Hurley

The recording begins abruptly because I was contacted unexpectedly by Valley News Live reporter exploiter Bailey Hurley.

Bailey Hurley Valley News Live

Hurley opens the call by demonstrating her lack of understanding of court proceedings and her willingness to lie. She start by saying the charges against Cole Mooridian “were completely dropped.” This is not true. In Mooridian’s pretrial hearing in January 2022, the charges were dismissed without prejudice. I explained to Bailey exactly what this means. She did not apologize or even acknowledge her falsehood. In the same breath, Bailey goes on to state that there was “no evidence.” If that were true, charges never would have been filed in the first place. She the charges against Cole Mooridian.

In under ten seconds, Bailey Hurley told me two lies.

I had agreed to an interview with Hurley towards the end of the phone call. At 8:27 in the recording, I tell Hurley three times that I am willing to go on camera and speak to the crimes of Cole Mooridian and the collusion that has occurred to keep him sheilded from the law. This was before I realized she is the same reporter who exploited another survivor last year. Needless to say, I won’t be doing an interview with this manipulative person who uses her power to tell half truths so as to humiliate, exploit, and deepen the trauma of sexual assault survivors.

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