Valley News Live (KVLY) threatens a lone woman on the internet in bold and daring move

Did I say “bold and daring?”

I meant to say pathetic and sad.

You read it here first folks! This Fargo-Moorhead corporate media conglomerate feels threatened by a disabled middle-aged single woman who has survived sexual assault and domestic violence. Maybe they’re afraid I’ll show up at their offices covered in cat hair and cause allergies to flare – because admittedly, I usually am covered in cat hair.

Well, they don’t have to worry about that. Crippling anxiety pretty much keeps me cooped up in my home. When a Cass County Deputy called to notify me of their complaint, I told the deputy I would sincerely like to see them try suing me for whatever their blackened greedy corporate hearts can come up with.

Who knows? Maybe they’d even win. Surely, their corporate legal team can outfox a single woman with a brain injury. So they can sue me for all the riches I don’t have. They can even make me remove posts reporting harsh truths about them. But they probably won’t be able to kill me.

One of the many criminals VNL is protecting had his chance to murder me in 2017 and he failed. I’ve been a thorn in his side ever since. I’ll continue to be a thorn in his side until he’s locked away where he can no longer assault women and children. And as long as Valley News Live chooses to support these criminals, I will be a thorn in their side too.

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  1. Ambriel

     /  February 16, 2022

    Omg, that’s hilarious!


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