The difference between a rapist and a victim

There are many differences between “victims” and their rapists.

The biggest difference to me is that a rapist is a rapist forever and for all time. It does not matter if nobody else knows what they are because I know – and what I know matters. What I know matters because I matter – just like every other person on this spinning hunk of rock hurtling through space. A rapist doesn’t know that. A rapist is an ego-maniacal asshole who think the only person who matters is themselves. I know better. I know they are a rapist. I know that will never change – not even if this rock crashes into the sun.

A “victim” is only a victim for a moment. The second an assault is over and the “victim” still has a heart that beats, we become a survivor. We are survivors for a lifetime. That rapist stole one choice away from me, but I still have countless choices that are mine to make each and every day I draw breath. Even when I am dead and gone, people can say that I was a a survivor – from now until the end of time.

I was a victim for a moment, but I became a survivor for a lifetime.

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